Make RMU Your Second Home

RMU provides housing options as part of efforts to enhance the educational experience of its students.  All of our residences are equipped with all essential amenities for academic and social excellence.
  • Dedicated Fast Internet!
  • Unlimited Parking spots
Backup Power Supply
  • Backup power supply from RMU Solar Farm
Well Maintained and Sustainable Environment
  • well maintained campus
  • 24/7 Security at post
Backup Water Supply
  • Clean stored water for emergency use
Health Centre
  • Dedicated health centre primarily for first aid
  • Fresh and Hygienic meals available at the cadet mess/dining hall.

Our Students Residences

More than 72% of all our graduate and undergraduate students reside in RMU’s campus housing facilities.

The Gambia Hostel

The Gambia Hostel is a dedicated hostel for Post-graduate students and upgraders at the Regional Maritime University. It is a 48-bedroom facility located on the campus in a serene and safe environment and only a short walking distance from all lecture, library and laboratory facilities.

Cadet Accommodation

The cadet Accommodation is official residence of the University’s cadet corps unit. Enhancing the facility are Ubi of unity unifies, washing bay and drying lines reservoirs, an inhouse internet cafe, a parade ground, a sick bay facility and a dining hall.


Back Accommodation

This hostel or provider accommodation for non cadet residential students. Even Though, the building has not yet been named and is commonly referred to as the New Accommodation. It serves the purpose of a secured building for life on campus. It is a home auvacy from home.

Moreover, to address the students needs for the internet, the building houses an internet cafe, managed by the SRC and supported with uniofuity unifiers. There is a large forecourt which is use as a parking lot and park for the students. The building is equipped with several reservoirs and water tower to compensate for water shortage or “no tap flow”.

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