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The School of Graduate Studies was established to co-ordinate all graduate programmes in the University. With the focus of continual learning and development in the maritime and allied fields, the Graduate School was set up to provide higher level education and training that is responsive to the needs of the maritime industry and the society at large. The School in addition facilitates the development of new graduate programmes in all faculties of the University.



The mission of the School of Graduate Studies is to maintain high standards and quality of graduate programmes and to co-ordinate various graduate programmes and graduate research.


Through comprehensive graduate programmes with contemporary curriculum, establish a centre of excellence in graduate education that provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that ensures our students are competitive and ready for challenging careers in industry, teaching, or research.


General Functions of the School of Graduate Studies

The general functions of the School of Graduate Studies are as follows:

  • Liaise with Deans and Department Heads on all matters relating to graduate studies.
  • Facilitate the admission process of graduate students and keep records of all graduate students.
  • Improve the quality of graduate curriculum though meaningful and comprehensive review.
  • Establish guidelines for effective mentoring and professional development of graduate students
  • Improve viability and visibility of graduate programmes and faculty
  • Design and run graduate programmes
  • Facilitate all inter-university collaboration at the post-graduate level.


Governance Structure of the School of Graduate Studies

  • RMU Board of Governors
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Academic Council
  • Board of Graduate Studies
  • School of Graduate Studies
  • Departmental Graduate Studies Committees
  • Curriculum sub-committees at the departmental levels


Dr. York Abaidoo

Ag. Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Dr. George vanDyck

Ag. Coordinator, School of Graduate Studies

Mabel Mettle (Mrs.)

Administrative Officer

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